Last week, we held our Annual Riley Decker Companies Awards Ceremony. During this award ceremony, we give out both personal and center awards to celebrate the accomplishments of our company and internal employees who work together to lead our brands to a successful year. Here are our 2021 Awards Finalists and Winners!

Passion and Purpose

The Passion and Purpose Award recognizes the passions of our employees outside of the office. Employees can apply with an essay describing their passions. Our dear friend Pastor James Duncan of Urban Outreach and The Lord’s Gym in Northern Kentucky decides on who will be awarded a maximum of $1,500 for the purposes of pursuing personal development, special interests, hobbies, and more. This year, our winners of the Passion and Purpose Program are as follows:

Jonessa Moore: Her passion is basketball.  She is currently coaching a local high school varsity girls team at Clark Montessori.  The kids she works with are from the inner city and their families do not have a lot of resources.  With the money she would like to purchase shoes for her whole team as well as provide pre-game meals and other needs that the families cannot meet.  Having this additional part of their “uniform” will instill pride in her team.

Sloane Dierker:Her passion is photography.  Growing up there was not a lot of money for professional family pictures or senior pictures.  She realized how much she missed having pictures when she lost her sister at an early age and there are not many photos of her.  Photos are powerful to Sloane.  In 2020 she provided photography services free of charge to her community.  She would use the $1,500 to help with upgrading some storage and editing software so she can continue to bless people with her passion.

Jessika Bentacourt: Her passion is for her community in Colombia. She would like to support an organization in Colombia that helps a part of the community that has trouble with basic services like water and utilities.  She would like to use the money to help with food and school supplies for this community. 

Brand Ambassador Award

The Brand Ambassador Award recognizes an employee who represents our brands in person and through social media. We measure this through leadership feedback and social engagement through our Brand Ambassador Program as well as personal social media pages. The finalists for the 2021 Brand Ambassador Award are:

Brittany Doom

Timothy Money

Arielle Santana


The winners of the 2021 Brand Ambassador Award are… Brittany Doom and Arielle Santana!

Brick Wall Award

The Brick Wall Award recognizes an employee who will “run through brick wall” to be successful. This employee is also considered a brick in the foundation of the company and is someone we can rely on growing our business for the foreseeable future with. The finalists for the 2021 Brick Wall Award are:

Brady Spiehler

Sara Kinkaid

Amanda Powell


The winner of the 2021 Brick Wall Award is… Brady Spiehler!

PR Award

The PR Award, or Personal Result Award, recognizes an employee who has reached a new result of Gross Profit Earnings! At Riley Decker Companies, we understand that earnings are directly related to the number of lives we are able to change. Therefore, we celebrated this accomplishment with our first ever PR award.

The 2021 PR Award Winner is… Paul Collura!

Garden Hose Award

The Garden Hose Award recognizes an employee who is willing to drink out of a hose instead of fancy water bottles or Gatorades. Simply put they do a lot with a little and never make excuses of why they can’t be successful. They make the most of every opportunity no matter the support or resources. The finalists for the 2021 Garden Hose Award are:

Jessica Rubio

Zac Odom

Pamela Campos


The winner of the 2021 Garden Hose Award is… Zac Odom!

Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award is given to an employee who was hired during the 2021 year who lives and breathes our motto Effort, Accountability, Results. We measure this by leaderboard activity, client engagement and impact on our culture. The finalists for the 2021 Rookie of the Year Award are:

Amanda Earls

Dionaishka Rivera

Kelli Williams


The winner of the 2021 Rookie of the Year Award is… Amanda Earls!

Employee of the Year Award

The Employee of the Year is the major individual award we give for overall excellent performance throughout 2021. The employee who is given this title has worked relentlessly throughout 2021 to improve their center, the company, and their personal, professional self. Our finalists for The 2021 Employee of the Year Award are:

Moe Ali

Allison Nixon

Brenda Ortiz

Emily Godman

Dijana Jasarevski

Yusleidy Sanchez Pupo


The winner of the 2021 Employee of the Year Award is… Brenda Ortiz!

Center Awards

The Center that had the Highest Sales during the 2021 year was Okolona, KY.

The Center that was awarded Most Outstanding Center during the 2021 year was Florence, KY.

The Rising Center Award for 2021 was given to Manchester, NH.